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Sermon Starter And Text

Nov. 20, 2005 Festival Of Christ
The King
"Things You Must Remember Until the End" 2 Peter 3:3-4, 8-10a, 13/"Imagine" Isaiah 65:17-25
Nov. 13, 2005 Second Last Sunday
Nov. 6, 2005 Third Last Sunday/Festival Of All Saints "A Tour of the Holy City" Revelation 21:9-11, 22-27/"Saints Alive" Revelation 21:9-11, 22-27, (22:1-5)
Oct. 30, 2005 Twenty-Fourth Sunday After Pentecost/Reformation NA
Oct. 23, 2005 Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost "Christian Imitation: It's Contagious!" 1 Thessalonians 1:5b-10/"Love" Matthew 22:34-40
Oct. 16, 2005 Twenty-Second Sunday After Pentecost "The Message of the Coin" Matthew 22:15-21/"What If God Chose You?" Isaiah 45:1-7(8)
Oct. 9, 2005 Twenty-First Sunday After Pentecost "Eternal Fashions in Fall Colors" Matthew 22:1-14 "High Way Robe-ery!" Matthew 22:1-14
Oct. 2, 2005 Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost Not Available
Sept. 25, 2005 Nineteenth Sunday After  Pentecost "The Source of Joy in the Church" Philippians 2:1-4/"Sinners Are In!" Matthew 21:(23-27) 28-32
Sept. 18, 2005 Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost "Directions For God-Seekers" Isaiah 55:6-10 "Ora Et Labora" Matthew 20:1-16
Sept. 11, 2005 Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost
"Joseph: A Glowing Example Of A Forgiving Heart" Genesis 50:15-21/Matthew 15:15-20, 21-35
Sept. 4, 2005 Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost "What The Bible Says About Debt" Romans 13:8-10
August 27, 2005 Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost
August 20, 2005 Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost
August 13, 2005 Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost
August 6, 2005 Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost "One Depressed Prophet" 1 Kings 19:9-18/ "Rescue At Sea" Matthew 14:22-33
July 31, 2005 Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost
"The Facts of Faith" Romans 8:31-39/"God's Gut Reaction" Matthew 14:13-21
July 24, 2005 Tenth Sunday After Pentecost
"Two Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven"  Matthew 13:44-52
July 17, 2005 Ninth Sunday After Pentecost
July 10, 2005 Eighth Sunday After Pentecost

"Three Reasons to Come to Jesus" Matthew 11:28-30/"Perfection in the Making!"
Romans 7:15-25a

"God's Word--A Sure Thing"  Isaiah 55:10-11/"Growing Like A Seed!" Isaiah 55:10-11

July 3, 2005 Seventh Sunday After Pentecost
"From (Spiritual) Schizophrenia To Christophrenia"Romans 7:15-25a
June 26, 2005 Sixth Sunday After Pentecost "The Miracle of Christian Baptism" Romans 6:1b-11/"Getting a (New) Life!" Romans 6:1-11
June 19, 2005 Fifth Sunday After Pentecost "A Compassionate Subject" Matthew 9:35-10:8/"Father's Day Gift: Overflowing Grace!" Romans 5:12-15
June 12, 2005 Fourth Sunday After Pentecost "Anyone Can Witness" Matthew 9:35
June 5, 2005 Third Sunday After Pentecost
"Dinner At Matthew's House" Matthew 9:9-13/"God Loves 'Trash'!" Matthew 9:9-13
May 29, 2005 Second Sunday After Pentecost NA
May 22, 2005 Holy Trinity NA
May 15, 2005 Festival Of The Pentecost "The Greatest 'Before and After' in History" Acts 2:1-21 /"God Pours It On!" Joel 2:28-29
May 8, 2005 Seventh Sunday After Easter/Ascension "The Making of the Church"Acts 1:1-11/"Cross-Eyed Glory" John 17:1-11
May 1, 2005 Sixth Sunday After Easter
"A Tale of Water" 1 Peter 3:15-22/"Help is in The Way!" John 14:15-21
April 24, 2005 Fifth Sunday After Easter
April 17, 2005 Fourth Sunday After Easter "What is This Abundant Life?" John 10:1-10/ "God, The Grin Reaper" or "Shear Delight!" or "God's 'Fleece &
 Release'!" or "Baamen!" Psalm 23
April 10, 2005 Third Sunday After Easter "The Emmaus Post-Easter Heart Syndrome" Luke 24:13-35/"Divine 'Discrimination' and Godly 'Greed'" 1 Peter 1:17-21
April 3, 1005 Second Sunday After Easter "The Story of Thomas" John 20:19-31/"At God's Mercy!" 1 Peter 1:3-9
March 27, 2005 Festival Of the Resurrection "Mary Stopped Crying" John 20:1-20 /"Thanksgiving on Easter!" Psalm 118:1-2, 15-24
March 20, 2005 Palm Sunday/Sunday Of Passion "The Importance of Attitude"
Phil. 2:5-11/ "March  Madness--Jesus Style" Phil. 2:5-11
March 13, 2005 Fifth Sunday In Lent "The Prophecy of Caiaphas, The High Priest" John 11:43-52/ "A Quicken Fix"
Romans 8:11-19
March 6, 2005 Fourth Sunday In Lent "Misunderstanding Among the Servants"
Matthew 20:17-28/ "Megaservice Master" Matthew 20:17-28
February 27, 2005 Third Sunday In Lent "Two Kinds of Blindness" John 9:13-39/ "Decent Exposure" Ephesians 5:8-14
February 20, 2005 Second Sunday In Lent "Don't Change The Subject!" John 4:5-26/ "Water Works!" John 4:5-26 [27-30, 39-42]
February 13, 2005 First Sunday In Lent "A Tale of Two Adams" Romans 5:12-19/ "God Loves The Devil Out Of Us!" Matthew 4:1-11
February 6, 2005 Transfiguration Of Our Lord  "A Look Into The Future" Matthew 17:1-9/"Go (Trans)figure!" Matthew 17:1-9
January 30, 2005 Fourth Sunday After Epiphany "What Does God Want From You?" Micah 6:1-8/"God Loves And Uses Morons!" 
1 Corinthians 1:26-31
January 23, 2005 Third Sunday After Epiphany "Jesus' Power & Light Company: Partners Wanted" Matthew 4:12-23/  "God's Acolytes" Matthew 4:18-20
January 16, 2005 Second Sunday After Epiphany "God's Call" 1 Corinthians 1:1-9/ "God's Gifted & Talented" 1 Corinthians 1:1-9
January 9, 2005 Epiphany/Baptism Of Our Lord  "Jesus' Baptism: What Does This Mean?"
Matthew 3:13-17/
"God's Post-Christmas And Eternal Exchange Policy" Matthew 3:13-17
January 2, 2005 Christmas 2 "John's Journal of The Word Made Flesh"
John 1:1-14/  "Divine Destiny" Ephesians 1:3-6, 15-18
Dec. 26, 2004 Christmas I  "The Forgotten Part of Christmas" Matthew 2:13-15; 19-23/ "King Me!" or "Crown Him!" Matthew 2:13-15, 19-23
Dec. 19, 2004 Advent IV "Six Important Questions About Christ's Birth" Matthew 1:18-25
Dec. 12, 2004 Advent III "Surviving an Attack of the DD's" Matthew 11:2-11/ "No Offense, No God; Know God, Know Offense" Matthew 11:2-11
Dec. 5, 2004 Advent II "Correcting A Long Wrong Idea"
Matthew 3:5-12/ "Theological Tree Trimming" Matthew 3:1-12
Nov. 28, 2004 Advent I
"A Wake-Up Call" Romans 13:11-14/"Advent With Attitude!" Romans 13:11-14

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