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The Last Sunday Of The Church Year/
Christ The King Sunday

Option #1: "Things You Must Remember Until the End"
2 Peter 3:3-4; 8-10a & 13
Rev. Wayne Dobratz, M.Div.

I . There will always be skeptics (mockers), even within the visible Church, vv3-4; Prov 1:22ff; Isa 28:14; Jude 1:17-20

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: to mock is the translation of ha˘thal, "to play upon," "mock," "deride" (Jdg 16:10, 13, 15; 1 Ki 18:27, "Elijah mocked them"; Job 13:9 twice, the Revised Version (British and American) "to mock" or "scorn" (2 Ch 30:10; Neh 4:1; Job 11:3; 21:3; Prov 1:26; 17:5; 30:17; Jer 20:7). Other words are  "to laugh," etc. (Gen 19:14; 21:9, 39:14, 17);  "to call out," or "cry after," "to scoff" or "mock at" (2 Ki 2:23. Robertson, Archibald Thomason, Word Pictures in the New Testament: mockers with mockery (empaigmone˘i empaiktai). Note Peter’s play on words, both from empaizo˘ (Matt 2:16) to trifle with, and neither found elsewhere save empaikte˘s in Jude 1:18; Isa 3:4 (playing like children).

II. Remember that the Lord has the perspective of eternity, v8; Ps 90:4

Adam Clarke: one day is with the Lord as a thousand years--that is: all time is as nothing before him, because in the presence, as in the nature, of God all is eternity; therefore nothing is long, nothing short before him; no lapse of ages impairs his purposes, nor need he wait to find convenience to execute those purposes. And when the longest period of time has passed by, it is but as a moment in comparison with eternity. This thought is well expressed by PLUTARCH, Consol ad Apoll: "If we compare the time of life with eternity, we shall find no difference between long and short..."

Matthew Henry: Here we may observe the truth which the apostle asserts--that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years are as one day.

Though, in the account of men, there is a great deal of difference between a day and a year, and a vast deal more between one day and a thousand years, yet in the account of God, who inhabits eternity, in which there is no succession, there is no difference; for all things past, present, and future, are ever before him, and the delay of a thousand years cannot be so much to him as the deferring of any thing for a day or an hour is to us.

III. Remember that He delays the end to give time for repentance, text, v9

Adam Clarke: It is not slackness, nor want of due anger at sin, that induced God to prolong the respite of ungodly men; but his long-suffering, his unwillingness that any should perish: and therefore he spared them, that they might have additional offers of grace, and be led to repentance--to deplore their sins, implore God’s mercy, and find redemption through the blood of the Lamb. cf Acts 17:29-31

As God is not willing that any should perish, and as he is willing that all should come to repentance, consequently he has never devised nor decreed the damnation of any man, nor has he rendered it impossible for any soul to be saved...

    A. The end will come suddenly--v10a

    B. His coming will end this world and begin a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness--v13

Albert Barnes: What manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness--in holy conduct and piety. That is, this fact ought to be allowed to exert a deep and abiding influence on us, to induce us to lead holy lives. We should feel that there is nothing permanent on the earth, that this is not our abiding home; and that our great interests are in another world. We should be serious, humble, and prayerful; and should make it our great object to be prepared for the solemn scenes through which we shall pass.

An habitual contemplation of the truth, that all that we see is soon to pass away, would produce a most salutary effect on the mind. It would make us serious. It would lead us not to desire to accumulate what must so soon be destroyed. It would prompt us to lay up our treasures in heaven. It would cause us to ask with deep earnestness whether we are prepared for these amazing scenes, should they suddenly burst upon us.

Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming. That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat. 2 Peter 3:11-12

"I am not in on the time and place, but I am on the welcoming committee." Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly!

+   +   +

Option #2: "Divine Oil Fields"
Matthew 25:1-13
Rev. Kelly C. Bedard, M.Div.

A. Cursed Foiled Again

    1. SAD: spiritual attention deficit disorder; distracted by attractions

    2. Closed out of the Kingdom; hoarding God's oil to ourselves

B. Cursed Oiled Again

    1. With God's oil--Spirit-empowered faith and works

    2. A Kingdom close-out sale: sharing God's oil with others


1. parthenos {par-then'-os}, v1: a virgin; a marriageable maiden; a person who has never had sexual intercourse; one's marriageable daughter; a person who has abstained from all uncleanness and whoredom attendant on idolatry, and so has kept her/his chastity. (Strong's)

2. phronimos {fron'-ee-mos}, v2: wise; intelligent; prudent, i.e., mindful of one's interests. (Strong's)

3. moros {mo-ros'}, v2: foolish, fool, foolishness; impious, godless. (Strong's)

4. kosmeo {kos-meh'-o}, v7: adorn, garnish, trim; to put in order, arrange, make ready, prepare; to ornament, adore; metaphorically, to embellish with honour, gain honour. (Strong's)

5. gregoreuo {gray-gor-yoo'-o}, v13: watch, wake, be vigilant; metaphorically, give strict attention to, be cautious, active; to take heed lest through remission and indolence some destructive calamity suddenly overtake one. (Strong's)

6. The conclusion then of the church year stands as a warning but also as an inspiration. It is not too late for us to begin doing the work of kings! It is not too late for us to inherit the kingdom...a kingdom where the king is found not in a mansion but in a hovel. (Thomas Garlitz)

7. We must desire strength from God's hand which may serve us as a torch while we walk through this darkness, to bring us to our desired end: otherwise, if we become slothful and negligent because we are weary of our pains and travail, we shall be kept from entering the doors. (Geneva Notes)

8. I like Boring's interpretation of this word in the New Interpreters Bible: Matthew opposes the frantic quest for eschatological information, and he pictures faithful disciples as those who do their duty at appropriate times and are thus prepared for the parousia whenever it comes. Such disciples can lay down to sleep in confidence, rather than being kept awake by panicky last-minute anxiety. Thus the Matthean meaning for "gregoreo" is "be prepared," not "keep awake"/"watch," and it might be so translated in this context. (Brian Stoffregen)

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