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"Stopping Global Whining"
Epiphany II--Series B

Note: This Sermon Starter for The Second Sunday After Epiphany amplifies several texts outside the appointed lessons for the day. Its content is inspired by an article written by Richard Bimler in the January 2000 edition of Lutheran Witness.

A. A Joy-Impaired Society ("Rise and whine!")--guarding, protecting and defending our Lord; as good as that can be, over-doing it

 1. Chronic seriousness

 2. Pain, though chronic and real, ultimately ends with, serious daily struggles, to be sure but...

 3. After every Good Friday there is an Easter Sunday!

B. A Joy-Infested Society ("Rise and shine!")--sharing, proclaiming and celebrating the faith that is ours in Christ

1. Remembering our Baptism--we are the Lord's in spite of...

2. Encouraging, supporting and affirming others

3. Removing negative experiences in our lives--e.g., the evening news (revise again the negatively revised version of Luke 10:2: "The harvest is plentiful--but the workers are arguing!")

4. Seeking out those who feel God-forsaken--the lonely, sick and hungry

5. Laughing at yourself regularly--taking the Lord very seriously and yourself very lightly ("Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly!")

6. Surrounding yourself with friendly people--beginning with yourself, celebrating joys

7. Watching and learning from children--making mistakes, asking for forgiveness and moving on

Rev. Kelly Bedard, M.Div.

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