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Seventh Sunday After Pentecost
Series C

From Rev. Wayne Dobratz

The "Honey Do" List
Galatians 6:1-10, 16

Intro: A friend tells me often after we have finished a round of golf: "I have to go home and get at my HONEY-DO LIST." He doesn’t complain about this. His love for his wife prompts him to tackle her list of requests in the "HONEY-DO JAR."

As Christians, we have such a list too–given to us by the Jesus, the Bridegroom of the Church. We work at this list out of love, not guilt or compulsion.

1) Hate the sin–love the sinner–v. 1(cf. Ps. 51:12-13)

2) Be a burden bearer–v. 2 (cf. Matt. 10:43-44; Lk. 10:36-37)

3) Humility goes a long way–actions speak more loudly than words–v.3 (cf. Prov. 25:14)

4) Make comparisons to yourself and your capabilities, not to others–vv.4-5 (cf. Lk. 18:10-14; Lam. 3:40)

5) Don’t forget to share–give back to those who have given to you–v6 (cf. 1 Cor. 9:9ff.)

6) Don’t try to fool God–you will reap what you sow–vv.7-8b (cf. Rev. 4:15; also Hos. 10:12)

7) Appreciate God’s promise of reward–8b-9 (cf. Matt. 10:42, Eph. 6:8, Col. 3:23-24).

8) Get to work on your "Honey Do" list. V. 10

A. Start with the Family of Believers, but don’t stop there

B. It will give you a rewarding and satisfying life

C. Everyone needs to be a part of something much bigger than themselves–the result? "Peace and joy to all who follow this rule." v. 16

Adam Clarke writes on Gal. 6:10:

“As we have—opportunity—While it is the time of sowing let us sow the good seed; and let our love be, as the love of Christ is, free--manifested to all. Let us help all who need help according to the uttermost of our power; but let the first objects of our regards be those who are of the household of faith—the members of the Church of Christ, who form one family, of which Jesus Christ is the head. Those have the first claims on our attention, but all others have their claims also, and therefore we should do good unto all.”

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