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Eighth Sunday After Pentecost
Series C

Luke 10:25-37
Rev. Wayne Dobratz

I. Who is traveling on it?

   A. We all are!–Jesus told this parable as a metaphor of life

   B. The context is that of a Law Expert’s attempt at self-justification–Lk. 11:45ff

   C. The question is man’s definition of Law vs. that of God. Cf. Lk. 7:30ff.

II. Is it a non-stop trip? Text: 30-32; Cf. Ps. 142:4; Prov. 21:13, 24:11-12; James 2:13-     16; 1 John 3:16-18

III. What will you do when you are needed? Text, vv. 26-37; Cf. Prov. 25:21-22; Rom. 12:20; Hosea 6:6; Micah 6:8; Eph. 5:2; John 13:15-17; 1 John 3:16-18

Richard Lenski:

"Go and do likewise". There lies the crux of the entire matter. The law says it plainly enough, and Jesus illustrated how much it means, and we all must consent that it means no less. But where is the power in us to do and to keep doing without a break all that even the second table of the Law requires, to say nothing of the first? Jesus is touching this Lawyer’s conscience. His command, which is so brief and simple, if it is acted upon by this Lawyer will soon show him all his selfish lack of love, all his inability to win life eternal life by means of love, and thus make him ready to see what prophets and kings longed to see, what the disciples did see (v.24), the blessedness of the grace which the Messiah Jesus brings to all who accept him by faith.

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