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Series B Archive
Advent 2005-CTK 2006

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Sermon Starter And Text

Nov. 26, 2006 Festival Of Christ
The King
"The Last Words of Jude" Jude 20-25/ "Lord of the Flies!"Isaiah 51:4-6
Nov. 19, 2006 Second Last Sunday
Nov. 12, 2006 Third Last Sunday/
Nov. 5, 2006 Festival Of All Saints "Comfort From A Seemingly Scary Book" Revelation 2:9-11, 22-25/"Lambo!" or "Lamblight!" Revelation 21:9-11, 22-27 [22:1-5]
Oct. 29, 2006 Twenty-First Sunday
After Pentecost/Reformation
"The 5 W's of the Reformation" Romans 3:19-28/"Dependence Day!" John 8:31-36
Oct. 22, 2006 Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost
Oct. 15, 2006 Nineteenth Sunday
After Pentecost
Oct. 8, 2006 Eighteenth Sunday
After Pentecost
Oct. 1, 2006 Seventeenth Sunday

After Pentecost

Sept. 24, 2006 Sixteenth Sunday
After Pentecost
Sept. 17, 2006 Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost
Sept. 10, 2006 Fourteenth Sunday
After Pentecost
Sept. 3, 2006
(Labor Day)
Thirteenth Sunday
After Pentecost
"Life's Menu" Selected Bible Verses/"Wisdom Personified!" Ephesians 5:15-20
August 26, 2006 Twelfth Sunday
After Pentecost
"Some Helpful Advice from the Owner's Manual" Ephesians 4:29-5:2/"God-Flattery is the Sincerest Form of Imitation" Ephesians 4:30-5:2
August 19, 2006 Eleventh Sunday
After Pentecost
August 12, 2006 Tenth Sunday
After Pentecost
"Instant Replay" John 6:1-15/"Won to be One to Win!" Ephesians 4:1-7, 11-16
August 5, 2006 Ninth Sunday
After Pentecost
"Compassionate Love" Mark 6:30-34/ "Only God's 'Peacefire' = Ceasefire" Ephesians 2:13-22
July 30, 2006 Eighth Sunday
After Pentecost
“Surprised By The Calling” Amos 7:13-15
July 23, 2006 Seventh Sunday
After Pentecost
"How to Understand a Thorn in the Flesh" 2 Corinthians 2:7-10/"God's Power Play: Thorn(s)" 2 Corinthians 12:7-10
July 16, 2006 Sixth Sunday
After Pentecost
"The Master's Authority" Mark 5:21-24a; 35-43/"GRACE--God's Riches/Redemption at Christ's Expense!" (South Louisiana Title: "God Made Jesus a Po' Boy So We Can Have a Plate Lunch!" (c;  ) 2 Corinthians 8:1-9, 13-14
July 9, 2006 Fifth Sunday
After Pentecost
"When Jesus Seems Asleep in Your Boat"/Mark 4:35-41/"God Reconciles Presbyterians!" 2 Corinthians 5:14-21
July 2, 2006 Fourth Sunday
After Pentecost
June 26, 2006 Third Sunday
After Pentecost
June 19, 2006 Second Sunday
After Pentecost
June 12, 2006 Festival Of The Holy Trinity
First Sunday After Pentecost
"The Three Trinity Episodes" Deuteronomy 6:4-8/"God's Proper Name" John 3:1-17
June 5, 2006 Festival Of The Pentecost
"The Living Water of The Spirit" John 7:37-39a/"Heavenly H20" John 7:37-39a
May 28, 2006 Seventh Sunday After Easter/
"God's Complete Love" 1 John 4:13-21/"God's Love-Hater Relationship" 1 John 4:13-21
May 21, 2006 Sixth Sunday After Easter
"The Disciples Were First Called 'Christians' At Antioch" Acts 11:19-30/"Exorcised & Exercised!" 1 John 4:1-11
May 14, 2006 Fifth Sunday After Easter
"The Gardener, The Grapevine and the Branches" John 15:1-8/ "Lord, Increase Our Love" John 15:5
May 7, 2006 Fourth Sunday After Easter
"Great Love" 1 John 3:1-2/"Easter Presents/Presence!" 1 John 3:1-2
April 30, 2006 Third Sunday After Easter
April 23, 2006 Second Sunday
After Easter
April 16, 2006 Festival Of the
April 9, 2006 Palm Sunday/
Sunday Of Passion
April 2, 2006 Fifth Sunday In Lent
"The Growing Cycle in God's Kingdom" John 12:20-26"The Number One Seed" John 12:20-33
March 26, 2006 Fourth Sunday In Lent
"God's Gift of His Son" John 3:14-21/"God is Pole-ish!" Numbers 21:4-9
March 19, 2006 Third Sunday In Lent
March 12, 2006 Second Sunday In Lent NA
March 5, 2006 First Sunday In Lent NA
February 26, 2006 Transfiguration Of Our Lord NA
February 19, 2006 Seventh Sunday After Epiphany
"Friendly Faith, Friendly Savior, Joyful Results!" Mark 2:1-12/"A Closer Walk With Jesus" Mark 2:1-12
February 12, 2006 Sixth Sunday After Epiphany
February 5, 2006 Fifth Sunday After Epiphany
January 29, 2006 Fourth Sunday After Epiphany
January 22, 2006 Third Sunday After Epiphany "Running With Jonah" Jonah 1 (Passim); 3:1-5,10/"God's No Short-Timer!" 1 Corinthians 7:29-31
January 15, 2006 Second Sunday After Epiphany
"Greater Things Ahead!" John 1:43-51/"Come and See" John 1:43-51
January 8, 2006 Epiphany/Baptism Of Our Lord
January 1, 2006 Naming Of Jesus/
Circumcision Of Our Lord
"The Circumcision Certificate" Romans 1:3-7/"A New You" Numbers 6:22-27
Dec. 24/25, 2005 Christmas
"The Message and the Mission of Christmas" Luke 2:1-20/"The Spirit of Christmas Last(s)!" Titus 3:4-7
Dec. 18, 2005 Advent IV
"A Message from The Highest" Luke 1:26-38/"The Never-Ending Story" 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16; Luke 1:26-38
Dec. 11, 2005 Advent III
"Paul's Formula for Joyful Christians" 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18"'Tis the Season to be 'Joyly!'"1 Thessalonians 5:16-24
Dec. 4,  2005 Advent II
"A Christmas Letter from John the Baptist"
/"Prep Time" Mark 1:1-8
Nov. 29, 2005 Advent I

Paul's Celebration of Thanksgiving"/I Corinthians 1:3-9/ "God's No Sleeper!" Mark 13:33-37


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